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Thanks so much DragnDrop! I really appreciated your post!! Here's the same reply I gave on CJ's:

"All of them had dandelion (from our yard - the neighbours don't spray, but I
suppose drifting is possible), Swiss chard (from our garden - same scenario)
and romaine (from the grocery store - and I must confess I don't wash the
inner leaves). One of the kids and my husband have been sick with stomach
cramps over the past few days... We all ate the same (yes, we eat
dandelions - not that hubby knows that). So food is a good possibilty.

Crickets have dry gutload and thawed cups of blended veggies for moisture -
so that's a good thing.

No grain or comercial foods were fed - however the dragons were fed
superworms housed on a bran/oatmeal mixture.

We lived in a fairly isolated small community - but have several gas (some
sour) wells in the area (yesterday I noticed a strong rotten egg smell while
driving past one). Purely anectodal, but there is a moderate rate of
depression and fibromyalgia in the communty - which some attribute to the
wells. I suppose that is a possibilty.

The reason I am somewhat concerned with molds/mildew is we renovated the
bathroom this past spring. The insulation and wood behind the tile were
black with mold.

All dead are in their graves. If (please no!) another dies I'll have a
necropsy done.

Cleaners could be a possibilty - my son cleans his glasses with Windex and
could have gotten some in the torts water(the other 3 are fine). Not the rabbit's or the
beardies', though. I wonder about scented candles??

I pray this is limited and/or a coincidence..."

Jeff, we don't use Lysol ... do you know the ingredient that is in it and I can double check on our other products. We use Windex and Fantastik for general house cleaning - although I'm very careful not to spray around the critters (aside from a case of mistaken bottle identity and Fantastik was sprayed on some little chams - weeks ago and they are OK).

Thanks for all and any ideas and your kind words!!

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