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Triple H vs Goldberg ------> HHH sure is the man...and i also think he will take his title back...what would he do if he didnt have it?!?!

Team Austin vs Team Bishoff --> really tough one...could go either gonna say austin will win though

Lita vs Molly--------> LITA of course (second that)

Taker vs McMahon -----------> u gotta be kidding!! mcmahon will take this one...for one reason....goodbye badass...hello DEADMAN

Kane vs Shane ---------------> kane has to go over in this one to look like the bigger man

Team Angle vs Team Lesnar --> i think cena will win for team angle
Royce 4 life!! BEEF!!

What I got...
0.1 evil feline
1.0 hedgehog
1.2 leopard geckos
1.1 emerald swifts
0.0.1 blue tailed skink
2.1 fire belly toads
0.0.1 fire belly newt, eatern newt, oregon newt, mudpuppy
and lots of fish...
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