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Is it just me or...

...When you see an adult snake in a pet shop they are always in cages that are too small, and they look dried out? Seems that most snakes like around 50% humidity or better (some exceptions) but most adult snakes are housed with complete screen tops, and heat lamps.

Just the other day I saw 2 adult BRB's housed in a 40 gallon aquarium, with dry newspaper substrate, completely open screen top and heat lamp. They both looked dry, and the one's eyes were completely black and appeared to have an X shapped crack, scar, or whatever...on both eyes...I can only guess that this snake is compeletely blind.

Now I;ve talked at great lengths with the owner (I saw owner because they are in the shop and not for sale) of these two brb's and I know he knows how to take care of them...

To me I think thats worse than being ignorant of their care
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