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Originally posted by Solid Snake
anyone here have an interest in them?
Have no desire to ever in a million years own a firearm of any sort, but would totally love to learn how to work some of the assault rifles out there o> Hehehe... most I've ever played with are air rifles and co2 pistols when I was a kid.

Originally posted by gonesnakee
In reguards to the whole "Columbine thing" the Calgary Sun has this for a headline today "School Rampage Plot Unveiled, Court hears of plan to kill dozens" Some loser in Brooks, AB was caught with a loaded submachinegun & search of his residence turned up plans/drawings of the school with details including ammo required for the desired "body count". The little pyscho had planned on offing 100-150 students during Remembrance Day Ceremonies & had figured on doing 3-8 cops also, before doing himself.
Yeah we had incidence out this way this year as well. In the neighbouring town not 2 minutes from me, apparently a group of kids organized a school massacre/suicide for Halloween. They arrested a whole bunch of kids, but since so many more were implicated in letters they found, they closed all the high schools in that town, as well as mine, as a precaution. They arrested a bunch more after Halloween. Crazy business.
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