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I wish I could get a free gun by just opening a bank account. LOL I didn't see the movie "Bowling for" but I saw a few parts. I wonder if they give you free ammo if you keep a minimum balance in your account also? heh heh In reguards to our "Charter of Rights & Freedoms" I don't care what they officially call it if it can be violated freely by the Govt. (us Gun guys seem to think we're Americans sometimes when it comes to "terms" LOL). In reguards to the whole "Columbine thing" the Calgary Sun has this for a headline today "School Rampage Plot Unveiled, Court hears of plan to kill dozens" Some loser in Brooks, AB was caught with a loaded submachinegun & search of his residence turned up plans/drawings of the school with details including ammo required for the desired "body count". The little pyscho had planned on offing 100-150 students during Remembrance Day Ceremonies & had figured on doing 3-8 cops also, before doing himself. Get this, he was only convicted of some weapons offences etc. Concealed weapon, possession of a loaded prohibited weapon, possession of a prohibited device & possession of stolen property. Here's the best part the sentence. 18 months & 12 months probation after. They aren't even forcing him into counselling. I guess his repeated ramblings to friends of wanting to kill Blacks, Chinese & sexually assault women went unnoticed in court? Oh & he's no longer allowed to possess firearms legally (like he cares if they are or not) & he will be barred from going near schools. This well adjusted individual was definately put into his place because of the new & existing laws, NOT. Justice hardly. We can only hope he does his time in general population where maybe he may get what he has coming. Unfortunately a twisted little ____ like him will probably get some kind of special treatment though & be released early on good behaviour. No wonder I opt not to read the paper on most mornings. Pretty disgruntling eh. Twisted little scumbags don't care what the laws are & even when caught the law is hardly effective to deter them. I don't think there will ever be a full solution unfortunately, but what they are trying to do with the new gun act is definitely not it. Sad ain't it. Mark
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