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Talking So happy!!!!

I just wanted to share some good news, even though it has nothing to do with herps......wish it did
Anyways, my 21 b-day is next week and my b/f got me an early b-day present!!!! It's so cool, I love it!!!!
While its not a snake or reptile, its the next best thing:
A guitar!!!
My first one
It is an acoustic Art&Lutherie in a bright blue!
I was asking him if he could teach me or lend me a book to teach myself and maybe borrow one of his till I could get one of my own ( he has about 10 or so!) But he surprised me with this one.
So excited.......Anyways, just wanted to share the happiness!
Talkie Talkie......No More Talkie!

Of course I'm out of my mind....Its dark and scary in there!
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