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Well, everyone - this hasn't been a good week. One of our
bearded dragons (6 months) and our dwarf rabbit (4 years) died a week ago. A couple days ago, another
dragon (about 4 months, unrelated) smacked himself up so bad he knocked
himself out. Blood was seeping out of his ears and mouth, his respirations
were so slow - I thought he was dead. He has perked up, is moving fairly
well, but is not eating or drinking. Last night, one of the tortoises (9 months) died - out of
the blue. With every animal there has been no signs of infection - and they
were fine (eating, drinking, active) the day before. Cage mates are fine
for now...

I'm SCARED!!! I am confident in my husbandry - I've gone over everything!!
No gas leaks, no carbon monoxide. We are tearing out the carpets and
scrubbing the house & cages down with disinfectant today (it's nice out &
everyone is going outside) - I'm worried about dust and molds. The kids
only handle the beardies - and I am meticulous with hand-washing between
species. The chams and leos seem fine. It has only been the herbi/omnivores
affected - maybe some bad produce?? Any suggestions - no matter how obvious
or silly?

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