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Snake book suggestions

I'm looking for suggestion on good snake books. Physiology, anatomy, helth, husbandry, breeding, genetics, history etc... Breed specific or general. What have you read or heard was good. Knoweledge is power


I'll edit this post as new books are suggested for easy reference
The links are to the books on amazon, not necessaraly the cheapest but a good place to start if you're intrested.
Book List:
Australian Snakes: A Natural History by Richard Shine LINK

Poisonous Snakes of the World by U.S. Department of Navy hardcover, paperback

Reptile Medicine and Surgery by Douglas R. Mader LINK

Snakes, The Evolution of Mystery in Nature by Harry W. Greene LINK

Snakes: A Natural History by Roland Bauchot LINK

The Atlas of Snakes of the World by John Coborn LINK

The Biology, Husbandry and Health Care of Reptiles By Ackerman, DVM Vol1, Vol2, Vol3

The Encyclopedia of Snakes, by Chris Mattison LINK

The Reproductive Husbandry of Pythons and Boas by Richard A. Ross & Gerald Marzec LINK


Life love and reptiles by Minton LINK

Snakes in fact and fiction by James Oliver LINK

Snakes: the keeper and the kept by Kauffeld LINK

Snakes and snake hunting by Kauffled LINK

The bible of rattlesnake books!
Rattlesnakes by Klauber LINK

For the croc fans!
Handbook of Alligators and crocodiles by Grenard LINK

Thanks to everyone whos contributed to this list

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