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O.k - veering this post away from politics, to conform with the T.O.S....

The FAC course is easy. Sheila and I both took it, because we did not act fast enough when the law came around.

I would suggest taking the course. It is a very good course, even for people who have owned and used guns for years.

From the course, you will get a certificate, that will let you go into a gun store and buy a gun. If you want a handgun, you need to take a bit more complicated course, write an easy test, and get that certificate. More rules go with keeping the gun, than would a rifle or a shotgun.

Rambo type guns are all illegal in Canada. There is no course I know of that allows people to keep those guns. There are people that have permits for those "prohibited weapons" - but they owned them before the first laws - no new permits are being issued, and they can't take them out of their house.

Any specific questions you may have regarding getting into gus, and doing so legally - you can emaili me at .

If you aren't worried about law, email

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