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Well, posting an update for you guys. I fed him a pinky leg last night, and he took it no problem. He was starving! I waited for about an hour and he was looking for more food, so I gave him the rest of the pink. He took that no problem too, and is now doing extremely well. Fully hydrated now and full of mouse. He's very curious and acting normal. I put my finger near him to see if he was responsive and he shook his tail pretty good. I've never seen that before in any of my snakes so it was pretty neat. He seems perfectly fine, so i'm fairly sure he'll stay well.

I named him Skate. Good idea, Marisa. I actually think 'he' is a she, judging by the shape of the tail. Not totally sure, though.

Do you guys know how to do a subcaudal scale count to determine sex in rat snakes? Or even corn snakes if it's the same?

So, s/he is doing great. Thanks for all the kind words.
-Tammy R
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