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Unhappy snake dream

yeah i had a wierd dream last night and thought id pass it on...
i was at my freinds house (who in real life has no reptiles at all)
but i was walking into a room and i saw a snake on the floor...for some reason i knew it was his pet snake that had escaped though. so i went and tryed to grab it..just as i reaced for it it toured down a floor vent...i took the the floor vent off to get it but then it went down another vent (?!?) so i reasoned that all i had to do was wiggle my finger in front of i did and it took the bait...i pulled it out while it was hanging on to my finger but for some reason the bite didnt as i was about to take it back to his cage all these other snakes came out of the furnace and they all looked like the snakes on the simpsons i took them all in one uniform arm full and put them in the bathtub where i thought they would all be fine.........yeah thats the end....sorry there was no climax or lesson to be learned...just one messed up dream...anybody else got crazy reptile dreams?
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