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You will require a F.A.C. (Firearms Aquistion Certificate) & in order to get one nowadays you need a course & of course a full background check on yourself done by the government. A registration certificate will also be required for the firearm itself & every other one you own ever. I should also point out that your personal information will be entered into an "unsecure" database by the government, even though it directly violates all 8 "points" to your "Right to Privacy" that is part of your basic human rights as a Canadian & has cost up to 2 Billion taxpayers dollars & still isn't fuctioning properly (& it never will). Option #2 is to obtain & keep it "illegally" as 9/10 Canadian gunowners do anyway. I don't recomend doing so, but would fully support it. I'm still waiting for "them" to hunt me down, as I refuse to conform to unjust laws that violate my human rights as per our constitution. For those of you who miss the point, its not about guns, its about violations of personal rights & freedoms. Funny how the Govt. can even pass a law that violates our constitutional rights, imagine that, isn't the constitution what every single law we have is based on orginally. Damn Liberals! Mark I.
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