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I'm not against the wearing of animal skin. I had a friend who had a python named Boots. The name was because when it died, it was going to become a pair of boots LOL.

I am 100% against the killing of animals for this purpose though. I would never go out, or condone someone who went out a killed a snake just to make boots. However.....if someone has a pet, and after it dies, choses to make it into whatever....hey that's an awesome way of keeping your pet with you

It's a complicated decision/thought/whatever when it comes to animals and this topic.

I am all for deer hunting. BUT....what I find diffrent about that, is we don't deer hunt for aesthetic purposes. We deer hunt to eat (well, we personally do). The deer is put to good use and feeds quite a bit. There is also strict regulations involved with deer hunting here. There is a limit of 1 deer per hunter, and you can only hunt certain days/weeks. Those rules we strictly abide by.

Basically, I'm for the use of animals in the food chain.
I am not for the use of animals for aesthetic purposes (animals that are not dying on their own).

Hope that makes sense.
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