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You Belong In A Zoo! --Book Review

You Belong in a Zoo! Tales from a lifetime spent with Cobras, Crocs, and Other Creatures , Peter Brazaitis

I thought some of you may be interested in this book. I found it at Barnes & Noble for $25 USD, $37.95 Canadian. When did hardbacks get so stupid expensive?
Anyway. It's a fantastic, easy, light read. Peter Brazaitis writes his memoirs of moving up through the ranks of the Bronx Zoo. He includes many interesting accounts of animal dealings, including escaped cobras, herping in Cameroon, and the logistics of a polar bear vasectomy.

The books also provides an interesting time line of how husbandry techniques have vastly improved since the 1950's. If you work in a zoo or are just interested in reptiles (read: this entire community) then you should definitely read this book.
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