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9/11 - It's been a year....

..and I'm still a little numb.Very coincidentally on 9/11 last year the following happened at my house. My wife was off from work. I came home early.My oldest son was home. My youngest had just called me to pick him up from school. He wasn't feeling well.This is my immediate family and we're usually in different places,away from each other during the day. Anyway,here we were watching this trajedy unfold on the T.V. BUT WE WERE TOGETHER! My wife and I could not have felt better considering all that was happening.Thankful that we were all here. I hope all of you have your families together often. Please take time with them.As we've seen,things can change dramatically in moments.My deepest sympathies are with those who've lost someone close.We must stay close as there are those who would take it all away in seconds.Let's remember the heroes before us and be thankful. Peace be with you and yours.
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