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I'll play I guess *grin*... even if I posted before (I can't remember), my list has definitely grown/changed since then!

2.1 crested geckos
1.1 pictus geckos
4.14.6 leopard geckos (albinos, hypo tangerines, carrot tails, patternless albino, blizzards, het blizzards, patternless)
Was going to go through the whole list there, but it would've taken forever... lol...

1.1 ball pythons
1.1 brazilian rainbow boas
0.1 jungle carpet python
1.0 irian jaya carpet python
0.0.1 green tree python
Soon to be more I'm sure... The want list grows with every passing day... lol...

1.1 cats
1.2 mice
And a 25 gallon saltwater fish tank.

I think that's everyone!
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