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Talking Something Fishy with the Chat!!

Well, I am a new Member. And I was talking to BJ and Eddie101 in chat because I noticed something, now maybe someone can explain it to me, or maybe it is a bug..

When I don't login, and I go to chat, I see the 'standard' chat screen, the black background and smileys are 'enabled'.


As soon as I Login, and go to chat, I get the mIRC version, the white background, and smileys seem to be disabled. Perfect example is like next to the top names on the user list, instead of their smiley faces, I see a @ or % or ! before thei name, and not a smiley.

Is this a bug? OR is it something fixable? I have this problem at home and on my work computer, so I think it may be abug.

Hope you can help!!
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