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i have given my herps my finished basement. they take up alot of room but i also live with them in my parents house.
I have quite a few herps from ball pythons to savannahs to my caimans and my adult and baby amarican aligator.

I need alot of space the most for my burms and my amarican aligator. But of all the herps my dad's adult aligator snapping turtles the most water space.

here is a pic of my biggest space taker.

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1.3 african rock pythons 2.7 burmese python 1.2 albino burmese pythons 1.1 green burms 1.1 granite burms 1.1 normal reticulating python 0.1 yellow anaconda 1.1 costal capret pythons 4.9 nile monitor 1.1 croc monitors 4.6 dwarf caimans 1.3 amarican aligator plus some others
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