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This isn't about me getting bit but it's a rather funny story. Corey was at my house and we decided to get some old shed off of one of my gtp's, so we took her out and it lached on to his arm pretty fast, it held on for about a half hour to 45 minutes (we took the shed off while it was biting him) so the whole time Corey never flinched or anything, just didnt care I guess, anyways we eventually get it off of him and Im showing him some Helmeted gex I had purchased when it jumped out of my hand and landed on the floor, so Mr Woods quickly cupped his hand over it, well, it bit him, I never heard a guy scream like that before! sounded like a little school girl! lol, so the gtp bite never bothered him but this tiny little gecko made him scream, it was rather funny
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