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Originally posted by TheRedDragon
Never been bitten by a monitor yet, but, Invictus had the ***** kicked out of him by a medium sized argentine tegu because a customer reached for its head while he was holding it. As a result, the tegu panicked and proceeded to claw the crap out of Invictus' arm.
To expand on this story, last week was a BAD week for fiesty reptiles for me. 3 days in a row, 3 attacks by 3 different reptiles. Tuesday, I get tagged by one of my beauty snakes, who left a tooth embedded in my knuckle. Day after that, the Argentine Tegu beats the crap out of me, so I get more scars all over me. Well, the very next day a 3 foot BCI damn near takes the end of my pinky finger off. I painted the walls on that one. it was a bad week.
- Ken LePage
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