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Wellness is very expensive but in my oppinion the best commercial food available. I can't get it near me, so I feed Nutro Max. The puppy is on Pedigree Pro Plan, just because that is what the breeder was feeding her and it would be stressful to change her food at the same time as her environment. She will be switched to Nutro Max when she moves up to adult food.

If i was able to do so, I would feed Raw. It used to be called the BARF diet (Bones and Raw Food) whihc you prepare yourself. That way you know exactly what your dog is eating and there are no fillers.

Some have mentioned about allergies, my dog has an allergy to Plastic, and as such can not eat out of a plastic dish. If you have problems with allergies, try switching to a metal dish before you change their food.

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