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crimsonking: Unfortunately I already tried that, I told them I would come in on a volunteer basis 3 times a week or however much they wanted me and strictly take care of the herps. That way, not only do they look better to the customers, but two other plus sides arise. Then the fish guys can only concentrate on what they're good at AND when customers see a teenage GIRL handling them, they're less "scary" and alot are more open to the idea of reptiles.

I had one lady come in looking for something as small as can be in a lizard because she was terrified of them but her son wanted them. So I showed her an ocelot gecko and a leopard gecko. Then I asked why she was afraid, and she pointed to the Savannah Monitors and said they're creepy and dangerous. So I stuck my hand right in them because I had one monitor in particular who would "hug" my arm to get taken out. She fell in love! lol

"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing."
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