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i have been bitten by almost all my snakes and lizards and my camian and my amarican aligator.

From biggest to smallest

male burm 16+
aligator snapping turtle ( mangled my pinkie)
amarican aligator 7+
columbian red tailed boa 6+
amazon tree boa (on the face)
adult nile 5+ (10 stiches)
3+ savannah ( on the neck)
baby pigmy rattle snake (field herping)

just a few of the best bites of my life!!
1.3 african rock pythons 2.7 burmese python 1.2 albino burmese pythons 1.1 green burms 1.1 granite burms 1.1 normal reticulating python 0.1 yellow anaconda 1.1 costal capret pythons 4.9 nile monitor 1.1 croc monitors 4.6 dwarf caimans 1.3 amarican aligator plus some others

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