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Dont u hate it when people say they will show up ..then never do

I have had this experience 3 times now with trading animals ... once last year I was supposed to meet a guy to trade a couple leos for some cash ... after a few phone conversations we decided to meet at a mid point to satisfy us both ... anyways after travelling there ...well needless to say after an hour the guy doesnt show up .... so I email me and phone ...he told me that he "didnt make the deal to meet, that it was only an offer ..nothing more".... so anyways I am pissed off but figured there are a lot of screwy people in this world ... so now I am trying to sell one of my snakes a couple weeks back ... anyways I am waiting for the guy to come pick the snake up ..on halloween night mind u... now theres a "social gathering" going on upstairs that I am waiting to attend to ... anyways after an hour of waiting I decide to go up and enjoy the time ... ..I found out 4 days ago that this person had an emergency thats fine ...anyways we finally talk again and he was supposed to meet me at my place again this morning ... well by 3 pm I assume hes not comming ... hes on my msn msger I msged him when he was online/away .... no answer ... then a few min before I type this, he comes back online ... I msged him again and again ... while waiting I see that he all of a sudden goes to "away" mode ... ..ANYWAYS ...the point of my rant is that if ur going to say ur going to meet someone ... DONT DITCH THEM AND MAKE THEM WASTE THEIR SATURDAY!!!!!


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