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Talking Pet Store Wench Returns! Mwuahaha

Well I went to the pet store that fired me and found that they had a nice Yellow Anaconda. Temperament was great, but it won't eat. I looked in the enclosure and was disgusted. The VERY SMALL waterbowl had NO water in it and was dried up, the Anaconda was curled up under it. The cage was a fair size though, so yay for that.

So anyways, I was fed up. I mean, I know that sometimes pet stores have to bend the rules on cage sizes and such. Even PCPC had my kingsnake in a small cage, but they're meant as TEMPORARY enclosures, so it's fine...

I went up to the Manager and Owner and I said "I'm coming back tomorrow and if that Anaconda doesn't have a better tank setup, I'm reporting you to any authorities I can find on animal cruelty. I'm sure they'd like to see those two Savannah's crammed into that little tank. And that pile of sick leos" and I walked out.

The next day I walked in, and the Anaconda had a Pond!

I win!
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