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Talking Christmas List

Hahaha I was working on my Christmas List (family likes to get it early) and without realizing it, 50% of my list was reptile stuff! What kind of herp stuff is on your Christmas Lists this year?

-ReptiTherm UTH’s (any sizes)
-2 Humidity Indicators
-Boaphile Plastics Cages (
(422D Cage, Low Watt Heat Installed, Florescent Light, Expandable End, Keyed Lock Center, Thermostat)
-CB Kenyan Sand Boa
-2 CB Fat Tail Geckos
-CB Albino BCI (would need larger cages than I have available)
-CB Anery Striped Cornsnake
-Frozen Mice
-Frozen Rats (none in North Bay)

I'm sure I'll think of more, but those were the ones off the top of my head today

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