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Well put choriona... No we don't share a room. She's sort of part of the family. She's definitely the kind of people that walks all over me. But then, she SAYS that she's the other kind of person. But I'm gonna go by what she does not what she says.

I already told her about me going into her e-mail also :/

Also, I know if I make this list it's going to be incredibley unbalanced with stuff I don't like about her. And, no, I don't think I want a friendly relationship with her after this. She's a bitch frankly and a bad person. I honestly hope for this guy's sake that he realizes that much sooner than I did... of course I'm not going to interfere with their life though(I'm not a stalker).

Thanks so much for the reply, Choriona. I'm feeling so much better now and I know it would have been 10x harder without you guys backing me up. Thanks again, everybody!

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