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I understand that plagarism is definately a serious issue, moreso in the academic or business world.

But let's get real here, this is an internet herp forum. If the original author or publisher thought their work was being plagarized they would first ask that it be removed or properly credited. I'm certain would comply.

I'm not trying to downplay the seriousness of the issue but come on, have none of you EVER repeated something you saw or read 'somewhere' word for word without giving proper credit? Please.

I would totally agree with RMBolton's position if this was a post secondary class with papers that gave grades and what not. But if i'm smart enought to figure out he was quoting from a book simply because of the sudden change in writing style, I think most people are. Sure he should have said "I read this somewhere" as a preface but would that have been enough for the copyright and plagarism lawyers among us? Doubtful.

I recently quoted something in another thread dealing with CO2 euthenasia. I never claimed to have written the site and I did quote from it, saying I was doing so. But then again I never explicitly spelled out that it was someone else's site either. But the information got to the people who needed it.
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