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bartman, then why did you say "who cares" about it? You are obviously not being taught the severity of it all. Being repremanded for doing something bad doesn't always teach you something. You have to learn the emotion behind it.
For example: I used to post my essays, poetry, and short stories online. I had many people that were interested in reading it. One day, I was looking at random web sites and I came across a site that had ALL of my writing, word for word, written with someone else's name on the bottom. Do you know how heart breaking that was for me? I stopped writing for over a year because of that. It was horrifying that someone could steal this stuff that came from my mind and from my heart. Writing was everything to me back then, I tried to write at every waking moment. When you see how easy it is for someone to steal something you worked so hard on, it changes your whole outlook on putting effort into it.
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