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It really bugs me that so many people take plagiarism so lightly!! I am working very closely with the professors at the college I attend, and on more than one occassion it has been mentioned to me that they have stopped expelling students for plagriarism because it is so common. That is ridiculous. Look at what we are being taught: to copy! We are supposed to be learning to comprehend and form our own words and opinions. To me, as a "writer", plagiarism is a BIG deal.
As Xain said, though, he did not mean to do it. I sincerely hope that he would have used quotes if he had known the author. But to the rest of you that think it's not a big I am ashamed that our school systems are allowing people to believe that it is not a big deal. You are taking someone elses work, time, and effort and using it as your own. What a shame.

Sorry for the rant, but stuff like this really pisses me off.
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