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How could anyone ever take Xain's information as his own in the future when he steals it from academics and shows no remorse for his blatant disregard for the rules?

Ryan: Not getting involved here in the rights and wrongs, but that sentence doesn't ring true to me - surely to the majority it doesn't really matter where Xain's information came from, but more that it is accurate, and can be read with confidence? Regardless of plagiarism and copyright issues, someone 'quoting' (used loosely) from actual texts is a MORE credible to me that all the 'I think that...' or 'I once heard that...' or, worst of all, the 'this is the absolute, definite, only right answer, and I'm making it all up' type of answer!

And generally, on a personal note, I started reading this thread, got quite enthusiastic, and was winding up for a reply along the lines of the 'what is real' debate, post-modernism, and all that, erm, 'theory', but, as always seems to happen on these forums (or 'fora'?), the main story got diverted into a far lesser debate. Not Ryan's fault - he made a fair and valid point, but everyone else jumped off down that route, and now there's a page of posts about that instead! It's a shame.

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