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Legalities aside, it's an ethical requirement in our society. To the people that said "he never said it was his, so it's okay" by writing it without a citation, you are in effect claiming it as yours (whenever you write something without a reference than by convention you are claiming it as yours). I have heard all the hollow proclamations of innocence before, so Xain, do not waste them on me.
My post was in attempt to make you aware that you cannot plagiarize, people will catch you, and I had hoped to save you from the consequences of your actions in the future. Plagiarism is always wrong, and it's never an accident.
How could anyone ever take Xain's information as his own in the future when he steals it from academics and shows no remorse for his blatant disregard for the rules? I had given you the opportunity to acknowledge your "mistake" but you lashed out, which leads me to believe it was no "mistake." Believe me there are no second chances in work and school.
P.S. Maybe we run in different circles but, Xain, if you are going to speak like an academic, than I assume you embrace some of the rules of academia and understand your discretion.
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