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It's so sad.
The guy's so lucky to have snakes of ANY kind around. In my whole life, I've seen ONE British adder, in some woods, and that's more than most people here. My idea of field hunting is a trip to the local reptile store - and I'm not kidding.

The other thing that always freaks me out is... why are there so many millions of people, all over the world, who live in places where venomous creatures live, and they've never bothered to learn what the local dangerous species look like?

I've seen this when Steve Irwin rescues snakes in Australia - "oh, it's brown and long, and we don't know what it is... can you come and get it out of my house?". WELL, LEARN!!! And if it's safe, pick up the snake and put it outside yourself!!!

And there are endless threads on here, and news stories, from across the states and Canada.

Are people really THAT stupid? No, don't answer that!

I mean, I went on holiday for two weeks to Florida last year, bought a book on Florida reptiles, and I think I could recognise most Florida snakes, give or take - at least I'd know a coral from a king!!! LOL!

Sorry - got taken over by a rant then... climb down from soapbox... LOL.

Anyway, keep educating the fools, every bit has to help, doesn't it?!

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