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i'm not saying that higher education isn't wonderful. in fact, even though I'm a teacher I'm still going back to get my Master's degree. What I'm saying though, is that not everyone is suited for university or college. It's fine to pick a trade or the like.

And you CAN NOT tell me that I make more than most experienced tradesmen. My father and brother both have a trade. My father is in a union and makes close to $35/hour. He works 40 hours per week. My brother is not in a union and makes $22/hour. He puts in around 48 hours per week. As a teacher, do you think my work starts at 8:30 and ends at 3:30? hahahahah. that's funny. I work more then both my brother and father. I am not complaiing cause that's what I love, but your statement is not necessarily true. Furthermore, no one had mentioned the vacation time of a tradesman. That wasn't a factor. What was mentioned was that you needed univeristy or college to make money. That's not always true.
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