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Hmm.. I think that I get into just about anything thats geeky, like electronics, RPG's, and what not.

I'm a musician with many instruments behind me, I like to speed skate and am going to try to go pro this year, I like to tinker with electronics at the board level. Computers are of course a major facination with me. I've been tweaking and programming since I was 6. I love animals and biology wich has been a major facination for me ever since I was a young boy. Other things I do include body building and trying to live healthy. I like to play quite a few sports, Baseball, hockey, and a few other not pro sports like swimming, skiing, and a few dozen other physical activites that aren't really major sports. Cooking is more of an art for me and I'm going to be picking up air brushing again.

but this doesn't begin to talk about half of the hobbies I like.
Snakes? I just like to teraform!
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