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Well, i completed high school and I know how much pressure they put on you while your in school to look at college and University. For myself, i saw this as something i would just keep putting off....I didn't like the pressure they put on me and felt so bad about not being able to think of what i wanted to do for "the rest of my life" as they would put it. My best advice that i can give you is try to deal with the pressure and try to make the best decsion you can! I graduated last year.....And now am working full time at a pet store....And think alot about how i should have gone back to school right away, im sure people have told you "DONT TAKE A YEAR OFF" i ignored that myself, and it is really hard to even think about going back. Thats why its good to go right after high school. Anyways, i hope it helps......Maybe you could look into schooling for a really nice course like a vet type course.....that would most likly keep your intrest And im sure theirs people on here that know more about it in your area.

Ps....I dont think anyone should really be commenting on spelling errors im sure you've all made them yourself, and besides was at least readable And i think for him being dislexic he did a very good job
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