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Wow, Xain, word-for-word plagiarism... We would have you academically discredited permanently at our institution in a heart-beat! Make doubly sure to reference the information before passing it off as your own and it's always plagiarism when you copy word for word.

The brain can be divided into the brain stem (the "reptilian brain") which processes stimuli, movement, life regulation, fear, sexuality, and territoriality; the "mammalian brain" which regulates emotions and communication; and the neocortex, 6 added layers on top of it all, that processes ideas, symbols, abstract, linear thought, subject/object. The reticular formation (RF) is part of the Reptilian brain. it processes arousal, stress, etc. The Thalamus is atop the brain stem, in the forebrain, "but for our purposes part of the mammalian brain) it filters data. Amygdala-- emotions, fight or flight response. Hypothalamus--just under the thalamus. "The hypothalamus is responsible for physical expression of emotion--such as when you feel your heart pounding or palms sweating in a stressful situation." Prefrontal cortex--in the forehead, just above the eyes. reason, organization, memory, worry. (34)

Gregg D. Jacobs. The Ancestral Mind: Reclaim the Power. New York: Viking, 2003. p 29-32, 34-5

I knew it sounded familiar......
The Ancestral Mind
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