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I was speaking to a parent of one of the seven year old girls I teach the other day. In our classroom we have a pet cornsnake. The father knew this and decided it necessary to tell me a story. They own a farm outside of St. Catharines Ontario, and much of it is tall grass. He said that for the past few years he has run into problems with snakes. I said, "what kind of problems". He said "It just seems that they keep coming back." I said, "Where do they keep coming back from? He answered...get ready....

"I keep killing them with my machete and they're still around!"


I remained calm and asked "How come you need to kill them?" He told me that he didn't know if they were venemous and that he has children. I then asked him to describe it. His description was of a small garter snake. The size was about 1' at the most.
I guess he's just looking out for his family, but you would think he'd check into it before becoming a butcher!

that's all for now...
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