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Actually, I learned that stuff when I was studying the crocodilian brain, it was an accidental learning.

does that mean the reptiles only have primal instincts, appitites, and responses?
Not absolutly, or at least not what I agree with.
As I wrote earlier- Like all reptiles, except crocodilians of course, lack what we call the enlarged cerebral hemispheres. This basicaly means not much learning is done. However, learning for survival is an issue with at least snakes and Im sure other herps, such as say Holtzman's testings have proved. Younger snakes are more apt at finding the most successful ways of learning such as finding a way out of a scenario not likely favored. Should read up on his stuff, he can better explain his experiments.- Crocodilians have a far greater learning disadvantage. Crocodilians have a cerebral cortex which is where actual thought takes place, enough so that crocodilians can and often do come by name. Other reptiles, as far as I know, lack this but if they were instinctual Not much progress would happen, adaptation isn't just by gene selection..
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