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What he said is true, sorta'..
Our brain shows clear evidence of having developed in three distinct stages: As vertebrates we began with what is now our brain stem and is often called the 'reptilian' brain; it governs our most primitive survival instincts, appetites, and responses. Then part of that structure was duplicated and the redundant portion developed into the limbic system, also called the 'paleomammalian' brain, which came to specialize in producing emotion and value, mediating learning and memory, and prompting species-typical social behavior. Another fluke 'budding' produced the antecedent to our cerebral cortex (a.k.a. the 'neomammalian' brain), which developed sophisticated sensory and perceptive abilities, came to direct voluntary movements and make plans for them, and eventually acquired conceptual and linguistic capacities.
The brain can be divided into the brain stem (the "reptilian brain") which processes stimuli, movement, life regulation, fear, sexuality, and territoriality; the "mammalian brain" which regulates emotions and communication; and the neocortex, 6 added layers on top of it all, that processes ideas, symbols, abstract, linear thought, subject/object. The reticular formation (RF) is part of the Reptilian brain. it processes arousal, stress, etc. The Thalamus is atop the brain stem, in the forebrain, "but for our purposes part of the mammalian brain) it filters data. Amygdala-- emotions, fight or flight response. Hypothalamus--just under the thalamus. "The hypothalamus is responsible for physical expression of emotion--such as when you feel your heart pounding or palms sweating in a stressful situation." Prefrontal cortex--in the forehead, just above the eyes. reason, organization, memory, worry.

You know, so forth and so on. Simple stuff.
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