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I've said from the very start that I'M NOT COMPLAINING just poiting out a rule that is impossible to follow because it makes no sense. I'm not saying in any way that I don't like this site for that reason or that I wish I had a web site so that I could make better rules or any of that other nonsense. I have no problem with any of the rules that I do understand and I follow them. At the same time the guy shelling out of his own pocket to keep this thing up isn't going to get any help from me when he cops a snarky attitude, let's not forget that I have even less to lose in this. If you look back about a million posts to the original one it started with a question not an insult or complaint, granted it was a provocative one but then again all good questions are. So far all my experiences on this site have been great, it seems to provide a good service but if I can't even ask a question without getting "this is my site and I'll do whatever I want" for an answer then maybe I was wrong. I appologize (again) if this conversation is stepping on any toes but when I see something that doesn't make sense I ask a question, what's wrong with that? Can I not ask why something is the way it is just because I don't own the site? One of the things that has brought me back to this site a couple of thousand times is the good debates that I find here, both herp related and otherwise, if there is a rule against intelligent conversation on this site perhaps I've missed it. There is otherwise nothing wrong with this site, I wouldn't change it if I did own it. I'm not a webmaster and have no interest in becoming one but if someone does want to be one then they ought to be willing to listen to the people who use their sites and give real answers to honest questions from those people.
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