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I think this is now becoming silly. Again i have to sit and watch a thread that now even Jeff has jumped into and said hes done with it..yet it continues.

I guess since ppl want a clear definition of the rules...since none of us are lawyers...we should probably get the sites lawyer to draw one up. Im sure it will be long and expensive so MouseKilla since your so insistant on a clearer definition of the rules and where and how they apply, i need your address to know where to send the bill! LOL!

I think the answer is this....hopefully cause i don't want to see Jeff get one wins when Jeffy gets mad

I think an outright ban is personally impossible on these two topics. Mainly for the reason they they transend various boundaries. What i think is really that we ask that the topics be avoided. Basically they are not topics depending on the extremity of the content that we want to see here. And if and when they appear, we will decide as a management group to deal with the thread at our discression.

I hate being crass but im getting to that its it or lump it. There is lots of sites out there. Lots of forums...ppl like to complain. Its just human nature i guess. So keep complaining...eventually your webmaster will get so frustrated that he will just pull the site down! Really what would Jeff lose? The site draws little income as it was never meant to be a business in the first place. Everything is free...the set up is great..and it costs Jeff out of pocket large amounts to keep it here month after month! So im wondering why still complain. Instead, pay for the site for one month and then you'll see first hand how much work this labour of love really takes. I make a good living..and im paying for our sister site. Im telling you, im not sure if i would continue to pay out of pocket as much as Jeff does for a site like this month after month only to have ppl complain about the little things! What about the other a site that is free...a site that is dominent without the rude tones as the other sites? A site that goes to shows and meets members. A webmaster who participates! I guess in the end the real answer lies in this...If you can do it your own site...gather up your piggy bank and go nuts!
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