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I understood that already and acknowledged it several times. You can do whatever you like on your site and no one can force you to make sense. You haven't begun to explain what this unclear rule means so by saying you're done with the subject you're saying that you're just going to be arbitrary about what threads are closed. If that was what was intended then why not state THAT in the rules instead? One last thing, why get so upset over something that has caused people to post so much? Isn't it a good thing for you when a lot of people use your site and see the advertising and maybe buy memberships? I know I personally don't just come to look at the pictures and read the ads.


I have already said that the rule isn't enforced anyway and that is what makes it so stupid. Threads get shut down not because of their topics alone but because some moron comes along and resorts to personal attacks. It's silly to blame any one topic for the rudeness of a few trouble makers.
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