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Hey man it's your site, ban whatever you want, it was never my intention to pretend anything else was going to happen. What so many people fail to understand is that saying "no politics" doesn't mean a thing so go ahead and ban it all you like, it won't do a lick of good. It comes down to this: you can either allow people to express themselves freely with the limitation that they aren't to be abusive or you can say no one can talk about anything but herps. All this wishy-washy nonsense about things being political or religious just doesn't make sense. Honestly, what do you mean by politics?? Does that mean we can't discuss laws? What if the laws pertain to herps? And how about religion, what do you mean by that? Does that mean that no one can talk about snakes in the Bible? See how murky and silly that gets? How is anyone supposed to know when they've crossed that invisible line? What criteria is used to decide? Doesn't it take a lot more time to determine whether a conversation has crossed over into the imaginary realm of politics and religion than it would to just close a thread or warn/ban an offending member when they resort to insults? Like I said, I know I have no say in this, I 'm just pointing out that this one rule is a useless one. Keep it if you like, it's certainly your prerogative to do so, I still won't understand it but I think I can avoid any problems by simply being respectful of the views of others. If those views don't make sense then I will point it out just as I have here, in a logical and respectful way.
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