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You absolutely need higher education. I don't know what school you can go to and get a business degree in a year or what school offers a masters in only 4. But if you want to make any real money without breaking your back then go to college. I'm dyslexic too not to mention a ton of other labels my doctors slapped on me when I was a kid. But don't let that prevent you from acheiving your goals. You don't want to be stuck in a crap job for the rest of your life barely making enough to pay your way not to mention not being able to afford the better things in life.

Now I'm not saying that you can't acheive wealth without college, but unless you've got a real plan with real goals, start with school.

Edit : After reading Zoe's post. I have one thing to add, why don't you start respecting your teachers and working with them instead of working against them. Teachers don't teach because its good pay, they teach because they want to help people. It will serve you no purpose to buck the system when you want to succeed.
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