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I in fact agree with MOST of what mouse says. I agree in the fact that people can take things too far in ANY post. Go check the elaphe gutata gutata forum. Someone asked a question yesterday and antoher person basically said they are stupid and ignorant and are a waste of bandwith (that's not a quote). All for asking a question. Was that person reported?

Or what about the thread, that REALLY long one about bicep size. That got out of hand with people making fun of eachother, saying very nasty things. It went on for like 8 pages or something and that wasn't shut down? That ceratainly has nothing to do aobut herps...

I understand some people are more sensitive, and some here are very young and do not need to hear some of the stuff said here, but then I think there needs to be a level playing field. All posts have the potential to include some inappropriate comments, not just religious/political ones. Out of curiousity, what would happen if we discussed the snakes as they relate to the Bible? hahaha... i'm just pushing it now.

Anyway, this is indeed a great debate, and should not be shut down (until it gets too washed out).
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