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Well if you don't know what my point is then just go back to the first page and read my original post. I have been clear from the start that I don't have a problem with following the rules, as they are enforced and apply to us all. I'm not looking to get rid of rules or add new ones or even pretend for a second that I have any say in how the site will be run. The reason I started this thread is that I didn't understand why a good conversation should be shut down because 1 person says something ignorant. The truth is that the ignorant person is going to be that way regardless of the topic so why single people out for talking about certain subjects? It isn't just the people that talk about these things that cause the problems and the problems aren't limited to threads on these forbidden subjects so what good do these rules do? That's all I'm doing is asking the question. So far no one has convinced me that anything is accomplished with this rule that couldn't be accomplished with only the rule against being abusive other than stopping an otherwise harmless conversation, but then again no one has to convince me of anything, who am I afterall? Nobody, I have no say but there seems to at least be some interest in the topic or there wouldn't be such a huge response.
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