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If you already understand the rules of the forum and agree with them and think the moderators are doing a great job as you've said in the above post what more do you want?

There already is a "no abuse" rule in place. It seems to me like you're wanting a detailed list of things that are and aren't allowed down to the detail of having it in full legalese.... In my many years on forums in general i've always found that the best rules are these:

1: Respect everyone who posts here.

2: If you have nothing of value to add, don't say anything.

3: It's so and so's site. They make the rules. FOLLOW THEM.

4: Don't argue with Moderators over things you aren't willing to be banned over.

Does it really have to be any more complicated than that?

After 5 pages of talking about it I still don't really see what your original point was other than you do want to talk about topics that have been forbidden? *shrugs*
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