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At first I was just trying to gain an understanding of why the "no religion/no politics" rule was there in the first place. Since that original post there as been a lot of constructive discussion about it and I now uderstand what the goal of those rules is. I'm not by any means even asking if the rules could be changed, one of the first things I said was that the rules here, on a site that is owned by someone else, are none of my business and certainly if they ruined my enjoyment of the site I wouldn't keep coming back. Quite to the contrary, I think this site is awesome and I have noticed a difference between the stated rules and the way things actually go. I have been trying to suggest a way to match the written rules with the rules that are actually in practice. The mods on this site are great in that they have good judgement, they don't cut threads off for nothing, not just because someone mentions Jesus or George Bush, they in fact actually only intervene when things get stupid. They do a great job. I don't think the job would get harder for them if the rules (hypothetically) were simplified to a clear "no abuse" rule only. The additional content rules regarding forbidden topic only make things more confusing and what's worse is they don't even stop the personal attacks.
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