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I have tried to make it clear from the start that I am not complaining, just making an observation on the difference between the INTENT of the rules and the reality of what actually happens. I love this site and the reason for that is the good conversation and information that I find here. I think the mods had the right idea when they made the rules but I'm just pointing out that they don't work. The reason for that is that the absense of a clear understanding of what "religion and politics" means causes more confusion and more work not less. It's easier to define abuse than to ban topics that have brought heated arguements. How about this thread, is this one religious or political? Is it on topic or off?? Those questions are harder to answer than the easier question of has anyone been attacked. In this case the answer is no, no one has been personally attacked. This isn't a snake discussion but it isn't a religious or political one either so how would you apply all of the other complex rules to this thread? The abuse rule requires much less work and judgement so the idea that having additional, more complicated rules makes things easier for anyone is simply false.
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